The Best Pork Noodle Ever!

I have lots of friends love pork noodle (zu yuk fan). I had tried in many places and came to a conclusion that there are three best pork noodle around town. One in Brickfield, one stall in PJ, near Taman Bahagia LRT station and one in Subang Jaya, 45o opposite Carrefour Subang Jaya, food court under a budget hotel.

I think I most prefe
r the one in Subang Jaya. If possible, I will go there weekly. However, one must prepare to wait, not 15 minutes, not 30 minutes but 45 minutes to an hour. The reason is, it is cooked bowl by bowl.
Some people has no patient to wait and created excuse that she thought the noodle was just okay. But I have no problem waiting. Thus, most of the time I will arrange my time accordingly, and patienly waiting.

I thought why on earth he need to cook it bowl by bowl? Why not just do it like ordinary curry mee. Pre-cooked soup, soak and rinse the noodle in hot water, place it in bowl and add the soup. But if he does that, the meat, the liver and all those stuff will not be just nicely cooked. Overcooked meat will be too tough and not tasty. There are lots of ingredients and parts inside, and needs skills to cook in different time and sequence.

I am glad I discover that and it makes me appreciate more the noodle I am having.
The soup was fantastic (I had never not finish the soup once)!


Anonymous said...

I tried before and it really good. But have to wait a bit longer 45 mins to an hour.

Anonymous said...

This store has moved! I have been trying to find where it move to...