Clay Pot Chicken Rice... Special One

Previously I had written about a clay pot chicken rice stall, which cook the rice right from the pot. I was impressed because most of the seller just fill in cooked rice into pots, heat it up and add chicken gravy.

The stall I am mentioning here is even better, it use charcoal stove for cooking. The AhPek only prepare certain amount of pots (I thought about 200) and sell until finish. All rice cooked raw right from the pot. Chicken was pre-marinate and cooked with the rice from raw as well. Not like others, which pre-cook in kicap and added into the pot after the rice cooked.

The stall is situated in PJ, Paramount area, inside a hawker center call Restaurant New Kim Swan. It was an accidentally discovery when I was looking for dinner one day at the area. I saw almost all patrons there were eating this clay pot chicken rice. Something tell me that it should be really good.

Unfortunately the uncle told me that he had finish sold out the last pot that day. I saw charcoal burning and lots of empty clay pot sitting at the floor. Thus, I had made up my mind I must try it out one day, and very soon.

Few days later, I was sitting at the same place enjoying the meal, just like every other people there.

I thought by using charcoal, and cook with fresh and raw ingredients in the pot, it makes people appreciate the effort and principle of rice cooking. Appreciation of the presentation, you will have pre-determination and perception of well worth of the food served.

I found that the taste was a bit strong, which means a little extra salty. However, as the rice and the chicken was nicely cooked in the pot (for about 20 minutes), the rice was full of flavor. Moreover, the chicken was still very tender, not too raw and not too over done. I am really appreciate that Uncle had put in lots of attention to his job. He has lots of experience in playing with charcoal fire also. I do not think so cooking with charcoal is a easy task, compare to gas flame.

The serving was very rapid (out of my expectation) as he kept cooking the rice pot by pot, way before you order. This is another evident showing his confident of his business and the experience in his operation.

Have a try, my friend. Good food there!


boo_licious said...

Do u know where he went to? The place has been torn down now! So sad as I liked his claypot rice too.

Mark said...

I have no idea since I last eaten the food last month.
So sad...