Japanese... sayonara.

I had been in the dilemma for write or not write about this article. When I started to write about food, my intention was to share about food I enjoy. However, after times dining at various food spots, I become more and more critic.

I could not always promoting food. Some of my friends even doubt my credibility. They thought I am hard selling some restaurant, which was not up to their standard.

Taste is different from a person to person. I might like chocolate, but not you. Moreover, I think it is really out of logic for me to keep enjoying new good food, day in, day out, and for ever.

The restaurant I am going to mention here is a Japanese fast food wannabe, located inside MidVelly, at center court. The presentation is quite nice. Youngster kind of like the place.

It might due to my nature of work. When I go to a restaurant, I tend to look into their cutlery and plates, to check the cleanliness. For this shop, I was quite upset to find food residue on my supposedly clean spoon. It might due to the problem of their dish washer, or maybe strength of detergent. I dun think we should accept this kind of standard, especially in a nicely set environment.

The red curry noodle I had was very salty. Noodle was well prepared, but it could not satisfied my soul.

I had also a set dinner. Unfortunately, my mussels were pre prepared for far too long. They had been lying there for hours, without any attention. Thus, I had cold and tough like plastic mussels.

Other stuffs shown in the picture was at normal standard. No surprices at all

By the way, the ice green tea I had smell chlorine. Wonder what water filter they use.

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rokh said...

aww, too bad for a bad dining experience. it looks familiar, i think i know which outlet you're talking about.