Duck Leg Mee... in Bidor

This is fresh! I just had my very best duck leg noodle about 5 hours ago in Bidor and now sitting here writing about it. Please appreciate my "hard work".

Few weeks ago when we traveled to Cameron Highland,
we stopped at Bidor and had our duck leg noodle in a shop call Pun Chun. It is a very famous tourist shop selling all kind of tibits, biscuits, etc. I was amazed how special the duck, soup and the noodle was. However, my phone's camera that day wasn't working properly and the pictures taken was not clear.

I am not sure today is my lucky day or not, as I had to work (when most of the people are packing to go home for CNY) and travel to Trolak. And I had a chance to stop by Bidor again and have it the second time. The shop is located at the Bidor old town, main road, not far from the exit toll. It is very easy to find. Serving was fast and good. With such a tasty food, I think I am okay about the price (not going to mention here). Lets get to the point and do some review.

One big piece of duck leg was served in a metal bowl with herbs (ginger, longan, geizhi, etc) and soup in dark color. It shows that the food had been steam or braised in long time.

The noodle looks great, not too yellow or too dark in color. Not sure if it was special made or getting from somewhere else.

The duck soup came with strong herbs aroma. Smell nice.


The main course was the soup. Fan
tastic! So sweet and tasty. Full of energy!

The meat had been braised for long, so it was very soft (even the bone was easily broken away). Its texture was definitely not good, if you are looking for tendery bite. However, as it was very soft, and had been cooking for long, the taste of herbs had reversed back to the meat. I was getting the kind of strong herbs flavor, little duck taste but very sweet for the meat. For the noodle. I like its texture. Very springy and elastic. Definitely the cook had done some good job in preparing it.

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tekko said...

Always great... Bidor Duck Leg Mee! You should try their "Wu Gok" (char siu in yam pastry) also, MUST EAT IT HOT!