Pandan Layer Cake... Syok!

This will be a short post, because it is only one type of food we are going to talk about here.

Many of us love cake very much. Thus, we could find cake shops or bakery everywhere. Most of my friends like Tiramishu, especially girls. I think it is because the stuff full of air and give people impression that it is not that fat. However, I personally crazy about cheese cake.

The shop, which is located in SS2, PJ produce very fine layer cakes in pandan flavor.
Because of the business is good, the shop bake quite a lot of loft and sold off. And because the cakes sold off everyday, you will always get a fresh one. The circle goes on and on.

This pandan cakes ofcause will be full of pandan flavor. It is very springy but soft. Layers of cake and cream full of pandan flavor cross mixed, plus some fine coconute dust topping makes me melt into the cake. Sweet?
You bet it was.

Sweet in your mouth, sweet in your heart!

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babe_kl said...

wow i liked the pandan layer cake here too!!!