Wow! Another Clay Pot Chicken Rice...

Previously I wrote about this Clay Pot Chicken Rice in Paramount Garden and unfortunately seems like that was the last chance for me to enjoy the fantastic food. According to Boo (from masak-masak), the stall had been close down (I have yet to go have a look, sorry...).

Few days back when I was finishing my work and looking for dinner at Damansara Jaya area, near Atria shopping center, I notice a restaurant call Koon Kee. I thought it was the one I had my Wan Tan Mee long time ago. I could not get any Wan Tan Mee there (there is another shop call Koon Kee, beside Atria selling good Wan Tan Mee). Instead I found a stall cooking clay pot chicken rice with lots of charcoal stove (more than the one in Paramount Garden).

How many charcoal stove there?

With such a massive set up, this should be something go
od ya?

I sat down and order one pot with salted fish.

This uncle is the main cook.

The chicken meat was pre-marinated and cook raw in the clay pot. The rice also cook from raw in the pot as well. So this is the ori
ginal recipe clay pot, which always touch my heart.

Raw marinated chicken meat waiting to be cooked.

The rice was nicely cooked. Solid and firm. The aroma was great. Chicken meat was as nice as
the other one. However, this one was less salty, and the flavor not as strong as the other. Somebody might prefer stronger taste with lots of source and salty. But I found that with less flavor, I could appreciate the taste of the rice and the tenderness of the chicken.

Taste is on the beholder of the eater. I like this clay pot chicken rice the most (at the moment). God knows next week I might discover another stall selling better one? It is truly fascinating as I keep overriding my previous blog about the best clay pot chicken rice. I keep getting a better one, everytime I thought that was the best.

Looks good, taste even better!

Embarrass? Not at all! THIS IS the core of excitement during my path of Cari Makan, my friends...

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