Kimchi meal... yummy!

Lately our TV full of Korean series. Most of it love stories involving four persons, two guys and two girls. Their relationship from clear to cloudy, then messy, then finally clear again. Almost all having the same theme, only the background setting change a little bit. But I kind of like it, especially the 8:30 one. The kid is so adorable.

Well, the more you watch these Korean programs, the more you admire their culture. In the "Super Rookie", those characters kept eating instant noodle. That makes me ate quite a lot of those packet food some times ago.

Now, in the latest series, they cook Korean food at house with Kimchi. You wonder how nice if you could have it just like them in the silver screen ya.

My friend took me to AmCorp Mall in PJ few weeks ago and we tried this Korean restaurant. The shop is located at the top floor, call "Haeun Khon". Very easy to find.

We had two set dinner. Kimchi soup meal and mine was the recommended BBQ marinated lamb.

The Kimchi Soup was quite good. Spicy and full of flavor. However, the tofu and a small plate of Kimchi was so so only.

As I took the chef recommedation, my lamb was very special. It was marinated in honey and taste like "chasiu". Not smelly at all. The meat was well cooked and not that tough.

Good dinner with reasonable price. Furthermore, the environment was nice with half Korean, semi Japanese style of decor
ation. I was having my dinner on tatami. No good for my leg (after all, I am only a typical China Man, maa).

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