Ipoh Horfan and etc etc...

Beauty is on the eye of the beholder. Good food is on the mouth of the eater, I said. Incidents happens all the time when somebody tell you that there is good food at where where where. And you took all the trouble go there and whalala... you wonder who has the problem with his mouth. But the truth is, my preference and yours will be different. Because of my background, my living environment, my personality and my culture, the taste I prefer will always be different to you and him or her. So, never condemn somebody, who just has slightly different taste with you.

However, as most of us living in the same country and environment for years, our preference should be close. Further more, our biological system is far more similar compare to other species, (wonder why monkey likes bananas very much?) chances for us to share the same thought on good food still very high. So, be positive when I tell you there are good food waiting for you to explore.

Last week end, I follow with bunch of new friends to Cameron Highland. While on our way back, a nice fellow brought us to this Kong Heng Coffee Shop. I have no idea how famous it is (somebody please verified, thanks), but the moment we sat down, all the stalls people just surrounded us and boom us with offer and offers. My mind suddenly jam due to this heavy traffic of information flow, I ordered what ever I heard that day.

Ipoh has lots of chicken horfan seller. I had tried with "LouWong", which full of tourists and taste not bad. Once my friend brought to a hawker center call 15 floor and the chicken and horfan there was smooth and sweet and the chicken feet was marvelous!

This horfan I had was as smooth and silky as the original Ipoh horfan. The soup was sweet and full of chicken flavor. And the chicken meat was tender and soft. I guess I had some nice horfan soup that day.

Side dish was some pohpiah. But nothing to shot about. Kind of sweet (seems like it was over stuffed with sugar), but the vegetables inside was well cooked.

Ipoh white coffee was nice. Like cuppachino, foamy, milky and smooth. But I still prefer my Kemaman Kopi.

I had some fruit rojak. The picture shows only slices of fruits. I forget to take the picture of our gravy (thick dark chilli prawn paste with crush peanuts), which serve separately in a small bowl. We eat it by dipping our fruits with the sauce. I was used to rojak serve by pre-mixing with the source. Thus, most of the time, the thick and high density of the sauce draws the moisture inside the fruits and end up that the gravy become more and more watery towards the end of serving. This kind of eating style is a bit new to me and I appreciate that I could enjoy my last piece of fresh fruit still with thick and dry sauce.

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the Monk 和尚 said...

you ate the famous ipoh shredded chicken hor fun! congratulation!