Fantastic Roasted Duck... Fantastic Food!

I have friends do not like duck at all. They said it is the smell they could not stand. On the other hand, I have lots of friends crazy about duck, just like me. We love the flavor, the meat, the texture and the smell.

Since young, I had been trained to eat roast duck. This is because, it is on
e of my mother's favorite food. We could finish the whole bird in couple of minutes (ofcourse that was the time I badly need proteins for growing).

Because I was ju
st plainly loving duck at that time, I was not very choosy. You gave me a plate of duck mee, I would be happy. You offered me duck rice, I would smile. I was only able to difference dry meat or juicy meat. Fat meat or lean meat. Crispy roasted skin or over burned skin. I was eating all of them.

Few years ago, when I worked in PJ, my previous boss brought me to a shop around Paramount called Sunrise Duck. Wow! I thou
ght that was the most beautiful bird I had ever seen. We queue and waited for so long, but I never regretted. After that, I took my family there to show off and they said it was above average only. Disappointed, but I wonder what on earth will have the best duck.

Loong Foong Seafood, but why on earth there is fantastic roasted duck there?!

Sometimes good things just happen to be very near. There is one shop in Paramount call Loong Foong (at the corner) offering fantastic roasted duck. I brought my family, friends from Kuantan, from Philippine, from Singapore, from Thailand and non of them forget the shop.

During my first visit, I thought it was a seafood restaurant because of the sign and the set up. People also having the normal cooked dish like fish, prawn, vegetables, tofu, or even Hokkian Mee, etc. Infect, all the food there are well prepared and tasty also.

These pretty birds will only last for less than a couple of minutes!

At the entrance of
the restaurents, there is one stall always hanging few roasted duck in the cabinet. If you thought that is the only stock they offer, you are totally wrong. The 4 to 5 birds will only last for less than 15 minutes. The guy will keep topping up the stock regularly from the kitchen.

This fellow just chopping and chopping and chopping...

I have never be able to calculate how many birds they chopped, even during my meal there. The fellow just kept chopping and chopping.

Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy in the inside. Yummy!

The meat was v
ery juicy, thick and lean. Not fat at all. It was very tender and the texture was very soft. You can easily bite it through and when chewing in the mouth, the flavor and aroma will attack your taste bud by melting its juice. I wonder where they bread the duck. Don't tell me they perform daily message, exercise, therapy to the birds just like Kobe Beef.

With such a good meat, the person who roast it surely has some great skill also. The duck's skin was perfectly b
urned. Golden color and crispy. (my mouth is watery when I am writing this part) The shop only open in the evening and its duck will be always very "laku". So, better go there early and book it before late.

The restaurent offers other well prepared food also, such as this "kung po sotong".


Anonymous said...

Where is the exact location of the roasted duck stall?
Looks yummy.
Want to tak pau to Kuching. hehehe

Mark said...

It is at the corner shop, within a shops area at Paramount garden (where there is a Giant supermarket, a post office). If you took the main road, there is a Caltex petrol station on your right, don't turn in but go stright. At the junction, you will see Loong Foong at your front, the corner shop. Enjoy!