IKEA Curry Puff

People goes to IKEA for furniture and other living accessories right? That should be the core activities for any person visit the mall. So, what happen to me purposely go there for the curry puff? Something not right?

I do not know about you, but I am crazy about its curry puff since the very first time I bite it.

Previously I wrote about curry puff selling in PJ SS2 and it taste good. This curry puff in IKEA even better. The filling was very full. Full of creamy potatoes curry with a piece of full boiled egg. The skin was thin and soft. Its like flake melting in my mouth.

You go coffee bean enjoy autar diluted coffee? I rather go to the opposite IKEA have a self brew coffee with two piece of curry puff, laaa...


flower said...

I wish they serve karipap here in Perth. But I do miss their hotdog. It was my staple when I was pregnant. Too bad they stop selling it in Malaysia Ikea.

Anonymous said...

beside ikea curry puff i find out that at ONE UTAMA there the old Chang kee curry puff also nice should go give it a try ;) have a nice day