In Search in Segamat

Have Wikipedia will search: Segamat.

Is life just a coincident? Or, is there a purpose for us to be in this world? If it is not a random coincident, then what is the reason behind for me sitting here writing my blog and you reading this miles and miles away? If there is slight variance in time and place, we will not connect to each other. Is this coincident?

Generations, people searching the purpose of life. Two weeks ago, I went to Segamat search my another part of life.

I am from Kuantan, and there is a highway link both important town in my life, Segamat and Kuantan. I met this girl, who follow all my steps I had been, is this just a coincident?

Sometimes I rather believe there must be a purpose for us to meet and change each other's life. Everything must have a purpose, causing by another incident. It's a bless to live in this life, and I am bless to know you.

In search in Segamat, in search of my other life!

First stop in Segamat, must try the all time famous dry noodle (干捞面) from 新益记. Very firm texture, springy and elastic noodle. A good noodle, based on my years of eating experience and scientific knowledge of noodle. I did my final year thesis on yellow noodle. Good noodle mixed with fine meat stock topping with tender white chicken meat and Char Siu (叉烧), it is in deed one of the best I have eaten.

The same shop also sell Ginger Wine Mee Sua (姜酒面线). I sensed very high proof of alcohol content with very sweet and tasty soup. The entire bowl finished without a drop.

Next, a traditional kopitiam since before Merdeka, 南洋茶室 (Nan Yang Kopitiam) a must to visit. I was told it was THE PLACE for people exchange information (a.k.a. gossip). Half an hour there, I can see most of the people know each other and the boss was perfectly act as the information exchanger.

Loaf of breads keeping in the cabinet. Beside act as a display, they also shows how popular the bread they serve.

"Kopi Kiam Si Ping" refreshing yet waking me up.

Traditional Kopi-O, average quality, I think.

Oh! Baked bread with very think homemade kaya and butter. Not an ordinary jam you can find out there.

Drink in kopitiam, must have half boil egg!

Another stall near by served this special drinks call Six Taste with milk (六味稀). It contained six type of substance (jelly, barley, macaroni, longan, etc) in warm milk. Strange but tasty that pretty new to me.

Mee Longkang (龙江面) is the signature food in Tampin. The stall can be found beside AmBank, a backstreet in the town center. It only open at night and normally people takeaway the noodle, keep in fridge and eat in the next morning. Picture taken the two old brother busy preparing the food, never fail.

Texture extremely hard. As the color slightly dull, I predict it was made from high protein flour. The stock was very sweet and nice. No wonder when keep overnight, after all the little soup sip into the noodle and soften the texture, it taste wonderful. Char Siu and minced meat was just alright only.


wmw said...

That's some good food in Segamat! Mmm...but what about the story of the girl??? Ha ha ha...

sugar&spice said...

I'm just wondering...how did Macaroni in milk taste like? Seriously, i wonder if im ignorant but its the first time I'm hearing it

tankiasu said...

Oh didn't know Segamat has so many unique and good food! ;-)

Precious Pea said...

Mee Longkang?? Macaroni in warm milk? Wahhh...enuff to convince me to explore segamat oledi.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

so what about the girl??

Mark said...

Macaroni with warm milk, serve as drinks. Little macaroni as something to chew, just like nata-decoco in juice drink. Not bad the taste.

Why the stall called Mee Longkang? Because they started the stall near a very dirty and huge monsoon drain many many years ago. Although now move away from the place, but the brand carry on.

Hehehe about the girl? You ask her yourself lorr...