Serdang Yong Taufu

Serdang, an intellectual community within an old Chinese settlement. A rather unique place. There, you can see thousands of undergraduate staying in Kampung Baru Seri Kembangan and its surrounding. I was one of them when I first stepped into UPM 10 years ago.

I love Serdang because it has two of my favorite foods, Yong Taufu and Ji BaoKai (paper wrap chicken). Most of the Chinese community there are Hakka. Hakka Yong Taufu has its unique taste with a little pork mix with fish cake.

Serdang has plenty of Yong Taufu stores. The one we went for lunch was hiding deep inside the settlement. Not easy to find, not easy either to draw the map. Those small roads are like cob web. Only spider know how to walk through it. My friend, like a spider, crawling deep inside and lead us to this famous food in Serdang, but not the most delicious one in town.

The shop was converted from a wooden house. All dishes pre-prepared on the table and ready to serve.

Serdang Tong Taufu has fishy and meaty taste. An unique Hakka style of cooking.

Ji BaoKai (paper wrap chicken). I like the appearance as the skin looks like a layer of paper after unwrap it. Unfortunately, it was too salty.

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Need to venture to this area soon!