When Mark gets food poisoning...

SHAH ALAM: A food blogger named Mark was suspected to suffer food poisoning after eating at his favorite Mamak restaurent in Shah Alam.

After eating two pieces of roti canai as his supper, his stomarch felt very uneasy. At first he though it was because of small digestion problem. He did not take any further notice. Instead, he opened a can of beer to chill himself down. Unfortunately, the following 12 hours he had stayed practically awake and sitting outside his toilet.

The next morning he quickly went to a clinic nearby, in an almost fully dehydrated condition. Doctor immediately gave him an injection after hearing his story and send him back to rest for two days.

When he told the story to his family, his mum first reaction was:" See? Told you not to drink too much beer!"

When he SMS to his colleague about his medical leave, his colleague first reply was:" Are you sure is food poisoning? Not beer poisoning?"

At last, he himself also confuse what kind of poisoning he was having.

After recovered, this is the lunch this person having today. No beer on site.


tankiasu said...

Glad u r ok now.

Last year I experienced 5 major food poisoning, and so far this year once only thank God.

Dunno whether Malaysian food is getting dirtier, or my stomach getting weaker. :P

wmw said...

Hope you will be back to your beer soon :o)

teckiee said...

ahh good luck. i know how this feels man. (....u sure not beer poisoning or not?)

MeiyeN said...

sorry to hear that! glad to hear that you are fine now :)

Mark said...

Thanks (kiasu, wmw, teckiee, meiyen). I am certainly back in full force. Yesterday ate full set of meal with duck, chicken, meat and fish. :)

jason said...

Hope you're better now.