Chicken Rice, near LDP.

I think the most popular food in Malaysia is chicken rice. In almost every corner, you can find stalls or restaurant selling chicken rice. We have Chinese style, Malay style, some even Indian style. Recently, there is one chicken rice fast food chain expending rapidly in every corner in major shopping malls. The main reason for this is chicken, as a white meat, is halal and suitable for all races here. Not like beef, most Indian and Chinese do not consume that.

So, since we have so many stalls and availabilities, how should we classified the good one and the best one?

My personal taste is, white chicken meat must be tender, soft, juicy, full of chicken flavor and most of all, "smooth" chicken. To prepare such meat is not an easy task. The Hainanese is the sifu in preparing steam chicken. However, other people thought to obtain such tender meat, they only need to dip the chicken into a luke warm water until the outer layer looks cook. Unfortunately when you bite it, near the bone area, all the muscle is under cooked and full of blood. I don't like such appearance. Seems very unhealthy. Who knows you can find Salmonella and end up in hospital intensive care unit later?

There was once my friend (who must eat chicken rice once a day, everyday... according to him, chicken is the only animal meant for eating?!) told me that a good chicken rice depend on how the person chop the meat. Each pieces must chop into size just nice to bite. Ways of debone must be correct. And the cutting angle must be accurate so that the meat muscle serve will be at its best serving condition.

This Bentong Kie chicken rice stall in Yat Yeh Hing, which located along LDP, just after Kelana LRT station (coming from 1U side), at your left hand site, offer one of the best chicken rice. The food meet all the criteria mentioned above. The stall only operate at noon for lunch. At night, people eat steam boat at the same shop.

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