Merry Christmas and a Happy Dinner.

Christmas 2005, how should we celebrate? Good food, nice restaurant must be.
So, my colleagues and I went to this restaurant, La Gourmet in The Curve for our celebration dinner with one huge turkey.

The environment was nicely put with band singing lovely song. I saw few Chinese radio DJ having their great time there as well.

For me, I always thought that if you pay such a high price, you should always expect great cuisine, best atmosphere. The challenges I am having is to find superb food with reasonable price for this blog (good food, good life... by paying less).

With such a big occasion like this, most of the Christmas set dinner offer by restaurants will always be "set". All dishes were pre-prepared, cold, waited to be taken, re-heat, then serve on the table. Typical mass production type of operation.

So, you can guess what am I going to comment on this. Beside great environment and atmosphere, the food was not up to the expectation. My salmon was overcooked and too tough. The turkey was undercooked and too raw.

Maybe as a typical China Man, I am not used to these kind of western cuisine. So, please do not laugh at me while you are celebrating this wonderful Christmas with a great year coming ahead!


boo_licious said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Oh dear, that's too bad abt the turkey. How strange, usually turkey is overcooked but it's the first I have heard abt undercooking it.

Mark said...

Yeah! Maybe the chef forget that turkey's drumstick is far more bigger than chicken :)