I like this Nasi Lemak stall, so do many people.

Two weeks ago my friend told me that there is one nasi lemak stall in SS2, PJ damn good. The stall was introduced by his boss's taxi driver. It opens from 6am till about 10am, or earlier when they sold out all the rice.

If you found good food, must go explore and sharing right? So, I went there on 12 Dec but could not find the so call long queue stall. I thought it was a holiday and the owner must have been taken a break. Disappointed but eagerly waiting for another chance.

On last Saturday, I woke up early and head straight to PJ SS2, area beside SEA Park Polis Station, found the road side stalls and walauuu... a long queue of people waiting patiently there.

After about 20 minutes of queuing, I finally got my nasi lemak. The stall runs by an middle age man, Malay, with 3 young man (looks like his son). It serve nasi lemak with ordinary dishes like curry chicken, rendang, sambal petai, chilli prawn, etc. The specialty is the rice. Stored in an old wooden barrel, the rice was firm but not too hard, soft but not sticky. The santan was not thick and I can appreciate the nice aroma of the rice, not over shadowed by any heavy santan.
Such a great break fast that makes my day full of joy!

PS: Oh! By the way, the teh tarik sell by an old Chinese couple at a stall beside also very nice. Must support!

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HueyHuey said...

The rice is so perfect that you cant get it anywhere! This stall is hiding somewhere behind the BP petrol station in SS2... my fren brought me there before, i wonder why lot's of people willing to wait for long Q even on raining day.