Good Food, Good Life!

I always thought that when you pay such a high price in a restaurant, we should expect good service with good food. Nothing to shout about.

The challenge we are having always, is searching for good and cheap food.

I dun mind waiting for hours and squatting just to get some great dish. When price over quality meets my expectation, I will be happy for the entire day.

Good food makes life, a little better.

Since I started my mission to write about food, I had started a new habit to eat my food abit slow and feel abit deeper. I started to analyze and compare. And always explore for the better. Suddenly, I see a lot of things I never notice before.

Life's turning so good. And my weight shows exactly so!!! My family started to complain about my beary body shape. And I started to notice that my pants become smaller for me. I guess my next mission is... to still continue enjoy food, but a little bit healthy one laa.

Hey! Good food, good life right?!

Picture shows my second batch of Florine Drink. My friend, "The Kiasu" asked me to reserve some for him. I would like to apologize to him that all first batch liquid had been digested completely. The second batch is running low. But I am expecting the third, which is the best, to be ready by the coming CNY.

Cheers! "The Kiasu"

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