Hokkian Mee & Lala

There are lots of hawker stall selling hokkian mee around the town. For my estimation, at least over 500 stalls serving thousands of patron in Klang Valley alone.

So, what is this hokkian mee all about? The one which I am going to discuss here is no way similar to hokkian mee in Penang. The Penang's hokkian mee is prawn mee with soup. I have no idea at all why they call it hokkian style. Maybe one day when I visit Hokkian State in China than I could tell you guys which is the "original version". Our version of Hokkian mee cooked in black soy source, thick gravy, thick yellow noodles, some prawns, vegetables and the most important deep fried pork fat.

Sometime, certain stalls fried with chacoal instead of gas flame. People said it will taste better. I thought this is marketing gimmick. The main criteria for good cooking is the ingredients and the chef's skill in controlling the timing and heat.

This stall which I am going to introduce selling great hokkian mee and fried lala is situated in Paramount, PJ. A corner shop call Mei Yun. You could easily locate it along the main road towards Section 15 at night. Their noodle was well cooked, with very tasty gravy. Its hot and the aroma and texture just nice. Their lala was also quite nice. If we are lucky to have fresh lala supply. I don't think you will not come back again and again for the shop.

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HueyHuey said...

I tried this before, it's really delicious that you will always recall back the taste! Very good recoomendation, fren... keep on your exploration!