Kemaman Kopitiam in Kuantan

I am a heavy coffee drinker, but not a very good coffee taster. I just need coffee to keep me awake all the day. However, I know Coffeebean suck and Starbuck is Okay. Nescafe is for lazy dummy like me to fulfill my very need at home. But most of the coffee sell in the eating shop suck. You order Kopi Gao and they really give you very thick coffee until you can find half of your cup full of particles. The aroma? Nothing at all.

So, if you wanna drink coffee at a good environment, the only choice is Starbuck and pay a high price?

In Kuantan, recently open a coffee shop call Kemaman Kopitiam. At RM1.50 per cup, you can get the best local coffee ever. The aroma was just nice. Not thick, but its strong enough to make you wanna have another cup.

There were pictures all around the shop showing celebrities drinking there. I certainly not feel like a celebrity when I was there, but at least I knew I am not alone liking the coffee.

On 17 Dec, when I back to Kuantan again for a friend's wedding, I went back to this shop to have my cup of coffee once again. This time I was together with my family and we ordered packed nasi lemak, fried beehun and ikan bakar as well.

I must warn you that although the coffee was cheap and nice, those other food are not. 1 single pack of nasi lemak cost me RM2.50 (which I had in 1U for RM1.80). The fried beehun "lagi teruk", beehun fried with beehun and they charge me RM2.50 per plate as well.

So, I had decided to only have my belove coffee there but no other food. Me "kiasu"? I thought I am just very particular about price over quality, only.

Updated on 30 Dec 2005.

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