Seafood Beehun

Two week ago I was traveling up north to Penang for work. As my colleague staying in Sungai Petani, I had to stay there for a night. Sg Petani is a medium size town with lots of paddy field.
As we all know, there should be food, good one, as long as there are human staying there. My friend took me to a small stall and we ordered seafood beehun. I thought nothing special. I had use to eat seafood beehun in Kuala Selangor and in Telok Gong. There are all fried seafood beehun, with crab and some clam or lala.
However, this one was steamed. The whole plate of beehun with crab, prawns, clams, lalas, etc. Steamed in a metal plate with ingredients such as ginger and asam. What's the difference? The beehun had taken up all the sweetness of the ingredients during steaming. We got very tasty steamed beehun. The seafood? Still fresh and taste because there were just nicely steamed.
Maybe the sifu was using very fresh seafood. Or there are other method cooking this food. It seems easy, but the result was great!

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