Good Food in Glenmarie.

When I first move to Shah Alam U8 few months ago, the main thing that worry me is the food. I hardly see any hawker center, or even restaurant. Just one or two mamak shop hanging around. I can not just eat those for the rest of my life. I dun wanna have roti chanai face or Maggi goreng hair one day. :)

I was lucky to notice that there are few chinese restaurants at a commercial area in Glenmarie. If you come from Subang Jaya into Glenmarie, take the left turn when approach a tee-junction. There are few row of shop houses at the left hand site (after 2 traffic lights). Two large mamak shops facing the main road, and the shop I am going to talk about is situated at the back.

There are few shops in a row all offer reasonable food. Picture shows this shop's specialty: curry mee (curry mee again?! Yeah, my favorite food maaa). I like its thick curry soup and the ingredients (mostly Yong Tofu). It is not cheap (around RM6 per bowl), but I have no complain at all. The taste of the Yong Tofu is very strong. I believe its Hakka style. I like the fried row the most.

Besides the "house recommended dish" I found their Hakka Mee not bad as well. The noodle was nicely prepared (springy and elastic) and the gravy was superb with lots of minced meat. The noodle come with "lobak" soup. How often you have that in food stall?

If you love Ansun Chee Cheong Fan, theirs also not bad, in fact quite nice. Besides the smooth "cheong fan", I like the gravy and chili sauce.

When we first had that, my mum told not to put in the sauce. She afraid spoiling the tasty looking "cheong fan". But towards the end of the course, we finish all sweet sauce and chili sauce.

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