Food Court in Tesco Shah Alam

When my family suggested to have our dinner at the food court in Tesco Shah Alam, I have no idea that I am going to discover something interesting there.

9 out of 10 food court offer similar food with average quality and high price. Because of high rental of the property owner, the stall operators have no choice but to charge a bit higher for business survivor.

However, at the place mentioned above, RM3.50 you can get a bowl of tasty kari mee. The bowl of mee I had came with little ingredient (half egg, few slice of fish cake and toufu pok only). But the soup was nicely cooked. Not very hot. Not very full with santan. Just thick enough to entertain my taste bud.

I saw lots of people eating "toufu bakar" there. The side dish also cheap and special: RM1 per piece of toufu stuffed with vegetables and topping with rojak gravy with lots of peanuts crush. I think it is the good rojak gravy that makes me ordered another piece.

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