Shangri la Putrajaya

PUTRAJAYA is a wonderful town. Whoever visited there sure amazed by the money our government pouring into the project. From the "Sim City" style of building to its special designed street dustbin, we can see the effort of its creator to showcase its uniqueness to the world.

However, in such a
massive structures site, lies nothing at night. Visitors just wondering around the square full of lights but no food. Can't even find a single shop or stall selling drinks after 9pm.

Nobody will think of going to the area for food. That's what my colleague reaction when I first suggest to bring our company guests there for dinner and a night outing. Crazy me, they said.

I thought since
Shangri la KL's buffet receive such a great review, its sister hotel in Putrajaya should not be far aside. Quality of food should have guaranteed, just the number of choice might see limitation because of very few dinner seeker walking in.

Fresh oyster very well presented in the bar. I thought they grown from the ice.

Grilled lamb, freshly slice whenever you wish.

This is my favourite baked creamy sotong. Yum yum!

Pan fry satay, not BBQ. But I can tell you the taste nothing less than the original Kajang satay. Fantastic piece of creation!

Marvelous presentation! Tasty meal.

Oh! The deserts were so sweet.

Just pick one, although you might wanna have it all!


wmw said...

Pan fry satay??? Hmmm....interesting!

teckiee said...

hais... die man... looking for a new job now.. and all seems to be in cyber.. dunno how to survive already

tankiasu said...

Same price as the KL's Lemongrass?

Mark said...

Its about RM50++ per head. I think its kind of reasonable.