Kanna Curry House revisited.

Places serving good food make you unintentionally drop by again and again. This is how the business grow with reputation increasing by word of mouth.

Since my previous post on Kanna Curry House, I had visited the place many times. I personally love Indian food very much. Not because of I heard from some body that it will make a man "stronger", but just crazy about the taste of curry and chili and all those spices.

Kanna Curry House revisited with few new pictures to refresh my memory, and yours.

This time I had freshly fried chicken. Par with KFC.

Deep fried fish was also good, and they remind me of my granny fried ikan masin. But those were non salted fish.

Banana leaf rice with curry and spices. Some story that it will revive your "certain performance" just like 7 Up Revive with vitamin Bs to boost your energy.

Kanna Curry House @ SS17, PJ.


Tummythoz said...

Really that good huh. They have branches, no?

KampungboyCitygal said...

yet to try this place..but i love to have my rice on top of banana leave

LunchKaki said...

There is a branch in Puchong Jaya. It's one of the favourites of my lunch gang. :)

Anonymous said...

Tried this restaurant and the food was amazing..top class customer service with speed and accuracy..Food tasted amazingly good..Will definitely visit them again!!!