Mei Keng @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

After raining day, there are lots of good and pretty mushroom growing fast and healthy. There will be also skinny and not pretty one stuck in between.

Of cause we will pick the best. Those left over will slowly die off and back to the soil.

Bandar Puteri is currently mushrooming of restaurants. Some serving very good food, but most just want to try luck in the area.

Trying new food is like hunting to me. Never know what pray will I get. Sometime after I ate a "normal" food, I struggle to speak it out. It is not our aim to talk bad about people. We are generally very kind and love to only praise.

I choose not to say much about this Mei Keng. Let just say that one fine Sunday morning after I dropped by and had a simple breakfast, I felt no spark.

Dry curry noodle.

Fish head beehun.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i think we know the verdict then..haha...

wmw said...

No spark? They better set their food on fire!

Anonymous said...

that's because the special is hokkaido crab and not the noodles...
went there for the crab- it was great!
think you shld try to revisit this place again but this time go for the dinner instead :)

Mark said...

Oh! Guess that they have survived with some specialty. Sure will go try again!