Low Maji @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Food business in Klang Valley is booming. We can see restaurent and eatery shops mushrooming everywhere. In new developed commercial area, we can see more than 50% of the shops open to serve food. Some just a simple food court, but most had been carefully renovated with unique branding in mind.

I guess one of the reason for this trend is everybody thought food business is cash business. You buy material with credit but you sell in cash. No collection or debtors issues. Further to that, Malaysian do love eating. Eating has become our culture.

But with such fierce competition, how can one stand out and attract the crowd? And the main survivor of a business is repurchase from existing customer. So, things still come back to the fundamental: the quality of food serve. Yes, the food can be unique and nicely decorated. But if it taste like garbage, it will only ment for the rats.

This Low Maji shop has very nice design and concept. Their Malak stemboat is rather unique. I like the stock soup's taste and the way it serve. But choices of dish and freshness of the seafood need to be improve.

Overall, it is worth for a try to experience a buffet steamboat that really can numb your tongue and mouth.

Well presented food, but limited choice.

If the freshness of those seafood can be improved, it will be even better.

I like the soup. The normal herb soup gave me a very healthy feeling. While the Malak red chilli pepper herb soup really numb my tongue and mouth. Strange experience for the mouth and stomarch.

Lao Ma Zhi @ Bandar Puteri Puchong, just beside Giant hypermarket and Citibank.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

We did a try to Low Maji but the food they served is not as fresh as i thought... especially the fish ball... we complaint to the boss but they claimed our tangue got problem... how can 6 of us got tangue problem. We saw one of the staff quickly took the food out from the display counter.. we feel the boss is not doing honest business... Never went there again... better go other steamboat restaurants like Mizi, Porridge, lok lok, BB Ho etc...

Anonymous said...

I tried it last week saturday and their food is not fresh. Imagine it is on Sunday. I think because their weekday business is not good so the food is from those days.

Anonymous said...

yup, the food there is not fresh & i find nothing special about it either coz the suppose to be very spicy soup is not tat spicy at all...its juz normal..

Divelog said...

I went there again last night and their modus operandi has changed, no longer buffet style.

If u feel the food previously wasnt fresh, try now, its the worst steamboat experience i ever had in my life.

I rather be having lok lok by the roadside stall then to ever step food into this shop again