Homemade Charkui

First of all, let's clear all the potential confusion first. I am not the one responsible for the dish. I am just an accidentally camera man happen to be there being served for the food.

The Charkui was 100% homemade by my aunty in Kuantan during our visit months ago. The taste close to the one selling at road side, but the feel, of cause, totally different. This one was made only for us!

I think I will get the recipe and make it myself one day.


KampungboyCitygal said...

whoa..it looks good..ask ur aunty to open a stall here in kl..btw take good care of urself..drink more water

rokh said...

glad you're back well to eat charkui ;)

Precious Pea said...

My favourite! I love char kui very much and that is definately a good looking plate of homemade char kui. The last time i tried making it at home, it turned lumpy. :(

Mark said...

Thanks kBcG, rokh & pea.