New Formosa Restaurant @ SS2

This post does not applicable to the disclaimer stated at the end of the page. Reason: I did not pay for the meal. This is the first time I had been invited for a food testing, and together with a bunch of flogger (food bloggers). Great experience and great sharing. We all have at least one in common, we love eating!

Boo-licious, FoodieLianne, Food yumz, Jason of Ipoh Mali, WMW, Joe, Daryl Tankiasu, Xiu long bao, Kampungboy Citygal and Jackson, it was very nice having a wonderful dinner with you fellows.

The below review is purely my personal opinion about the restaurant. Although the meal courses were free and the lady boss Jennie Lee was such wonderful serving us so well. I did not receive any monetary or non-monetary in return.

New Formosa is a Taiwanese restaurant with the longest history in PJ. Their goal is to provide customers with authentic Taiwanese food as close to Taipei as possible. The house design is old (that's why it is the oldest Taiwanese restaurant in PJ) and we can see the age through its walls.

There must be something special that make a shop last for long. And yes, the foods served there are special. Special in a sense that it is unique and not very common. You might not accept the taste but it has its uniqueness that make it stand out from the rest. I personally found that the cook is strong in flavoring. All dishes were strong and tough in taste and flavor, which do not suit my preference. I love meaty meal, but at the light side (less salt, less sugar, less MSG, etc).

Before we move on to the food, I would like to stress a bit, it is worth to have a try. Let's feel the warm welcome from Jennie Lee and taste Taiwan, in a formal way.

We started the meal with these 2 cups of Authentic Sour Plum Juice & Home-made Herbal Tea. I was very impressed of the sour plum juice (yellow color). Very refreshing!

Formosa Special Combination Dish (宝岛特色拼盘) with Butter Eel (奶油鳗) , Fried Goldern Mushroom & Shell Meats (金菇西施舌), Sesame Pig's Intestine (芝麻大肠) and Grilled Prawns Stuffed with Garlic (蒜烤虾). Non of them I had have before. Very new and unique for me. I personally like the prawn very much. Strong garlic... yum!

Picture taken when Jennie busy serving us her first course. She is a very nice and charming lady.

Picture 1: Ingredient for the steamboat.

Picture 2: He stir fried some garlic and meat to make the stock.

Picture 3: Steamboat ingredient added into the pot.

Picture 4: Added with water and suddenly a steamboat was made.

Picture 4: Formosa Stone-fire Pot (宝岛石头火埚), all time favorite steamboat.

Formosa Special Fried Fish Slices (家乡鱼片).

Longan Roasted Pi-Pa Duck (龙眼琵琶鸭). Well prepared, although not the best roasted duck in town.

Sichuan Crispy Duck (香酥鸭). Unique texture. Crispy after deep fried and again, very strong flavor.

Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig (沙皮脆乳猪). Crispy roasted skin, well marinated and well prepared.

Asparagus. This is the only common food we had that night.

Formosa Bamboo Yam Rice (宝岛竹筒芋头饭). Oh! I love this rice. The yam tasted very strong. Fantastic!

Special Sweet Yam (拔丝芋头,情意绵绵). A rather unique desert of the day. Very hot yam topped with caramel. It served by quickly pulled the piece off for hairy texture and dipped inside ice water. So, when you eat it, it will be cold at the outside and very hot inside. Opposite effect from fried ice cream. Must try.

Special Vegetarian Yam Ginkgo Pudding (银杏芋泥). I love yam, so with such a thick yam and ginkgo, what else to say? Just finish the plate!

Famous Taiwanese Muachi (台湾麻薯). These small little cubes were also catching my heard and tongue that night. Many flavors. Sticky and chewy, but fun.

Puddings (布丁). I thought these were very common, but when they melt in my mouth with very strong fruity flavors, I sense something different.

Welcome, again!


KampungboyCitygal said...

haha yeah some of the dishes are too salty..but all the desserts are good!

wmw said...

Mmm....I just bought myself caramel pudding from Formosa! Yippee!

Big Boys Oven said...

Ain't they delicious! Taiwanese can be so simple yet creative and yet so fantastically delicious.

MeiyeN said...

oh...this's actually how da yam pudding looks like!!!!!! i didn't know it's such a big serving considering that most of da pics i have seen from da rest seemed to be too close ;)

tankiasu said...

I just had Taiwanese food again last night. Yummm....

Mark said...

Yeah! Taiwanese food are creative and special...

Wish to go there again.

YenYuJen said...

dear Mark,
Thank you for your good comments.
Wish you "ALL THE BEST" in the future.

Best Regards,
Jeanie Lee
New Formosa Restaurant
019 3353 274