Mei Dian Seafood @ Kuchai Lama

Always heard that Kuchai Lama house some very nice food. That day, one of my friend took us to this seafood shop to have a wonderful chili crab. So nice that I still remember how fresh and how big those crab were. Their flesh was springy and biteful. Further to that, those crabs were very well cooked with sweet and sour and spicy gravy. Wow! What a wonderful crab.

Mei Dian Seafood, at Kuchai Lama.

Before the crab, let's had some spicy sotong in clay pot first. Oh my! My tongue can still remember how good their taste.

And vegetable to make us feel slightly healthy.

Then came to the main course, THE CRAB. Speechless.


wmw said...

I have tried the crabs here...pretty good stuff!

KampungboyCitygal said...

speechless means reli good?? haha