Ikan Bakar Seri Menanti, Jalan Bellamy KL.

Fong has wanted to take me to his favorite ikan bakar stall months ago but we could not find any opportunity to sneak out during lunch hour. We are too popular in the office as we stuck with the colleagues during lunch all the time.

Not that we do not want to bring them for good food, but some time too many heads and mouths result nothing special.

So, one fine afternoon we two brother quietly drove to Sungai Besi, Jalan Bellamy (just beside Istana Negara) to have the best ikan bakar in... Istana Negara area, at least.

There is one row of stall all selling same thing, ikan bakar (satay kajang mentality), I am not sure which is the best, but seems like all share same quality with equally crowd.

The environment was nothing special and hot. I saw many office workers sat there with tie and sweating like water pouring on them. But they seems enjoy the grilled seafood very much in that condition. Funny as patrons were "grilled" under the zinc roof eating grilled fish.

The food? "Mou Tak Ding". For long I had never have such a good grilled seafood. Those stuffs were very well marinated with special source, finely grilled on hot plate and served together with special prepared chilli sauce. I voiced nothing during the course. My mouth was full of... sotong bakar.

Price? Value for what's inside my wallet.

Picture taken with the guy BBQing fresh marinated seafood. See the smoke? Bet it smells fantastic!

Sotong came from heaven! This is the picture I had in my mind when I saw it.

Please do not judge this kembong as dry and hard as it seems. The flesh was terrible fresh. Dipped with the special chili sauce... wow!

Another fine grilled fish!

Err... with such good seafood, even it came with normal rice with vegetables, still make me a memorable trip.

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KampungboyCitygal said...

drooooooooling, its hard to find good ikan bakar nowadays, i've tried reli good one at KT, is this place worth going coz i need to ask for ur direction