Terengganu Style Nasi Dagang in USJ

From the place where I came from, our breakfast was usually nasi lemak or nasi dagang. Sometimes just some kuih-muih or chinese style chee cheong fan, kari mee, etc. I had used to this kind of foods.

When I first came to KL, I could not find my nasi dagang at all. Stalls at road side are all selling Malay kuih, nasi lemak, fried noodle or beehun.

One day when I traveled to Penang, my friend told me that he will buy nasi dagang for me for dinner, I was so excited that I finally found this delicacy at some other place. Unfortunately, their nasi dagang is "REALLY" nasi dagang. White rice with all the dishes, mamak style.

Finally one day I met with a friend from Terengganu and stayed in KL for years. He told me that there is one stall in USJ section 15, which sell this traditional food for breakfast. As it is rare in the area, normally it will finish its stock before 10am.

Yesterday morning as I woke up too early, I decided to go there to have it to fulfill my dream. I still could not figure out how the makcik cook the rice. It taste like "pulut" but looks like normal white rice. The rice is rigid enough to be separated. I found some ginger and spices in there. Nasi Dagang always serve with "kari ikan". And you can only use one particular type of fish. My mum said the fish call "blooded fish". Its big and the body round in shape. Taste abit like sardine or tuna. With quite a lot of bones but the bones are large enough to be separated when you eat the fish. The fish cooked in sour kari with fresh chili and santan.

So, friends from the West Coast, if you would like to try this "original recipe" of nasi dagang, East Coast style, go get it in USJ Section 15!

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Mark said...

After Posting the blog, suddenly I found few other Malay stall in Shah Alam selling nasi dagang as well.
Guess the environment become so competitive that almost every needs or idea will be taken at the speed of light.